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Founded in 2002, 2in1 Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional waterproof connector manufacturer which always adheres to the purpose of “Quality First, Customer Supreme” as well as long-term vision of “Based on domestic market and take a broad view of the whole world”. Our company has acquired more than 20 series of waterproof connectors with thousands of various styles, which are widely used in LED street lights, power supplies, display, drive power, environmental-friendly trams, urban outdoor lighting projects, stage lighting, shipments, machinery and other industries, etc.

2in1 Technology Co., Ltd. has developed into a professional manufacturer of waterproof connectors from the fierce market competition. The company has its own mold processing workshop, injection molding production workshop, cable-extrusion production line and hardware processing workshop.

We provide clients with OEM services, including “connector design & development" and "wire and cable processing” services.

Our company's products have been successfully used in domestic large-scale lighting projects, such as Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games, Shenzhen Universiade and National Games, etc.


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